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Using a dashboard like this, you can see real-time data about your Google Ad campaign, helping you to make data driven decisions,optimize your campaigns and achieve your goals.

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Why consider upgrading to Dataflo Dashboard?

Although we may sound biased, we can still give you several valid reasons why Dataflo is a popular choice among businesses. With Dataflo, you can easily set up Google Ad dashboards, providing insights into key performance indicators for better decision-making.

Stride with paid attribution

Attribution helps identify which marketing tactics drive sales/conversions by analyzing consumer touchpoints on their purchase path. The Dataflo paid attribution template shows the breakdown of the channel, source, and campaign levels and helps understand performance, behavior, and conversion data from ads, Google Analytics, and CRM. It helps visualize how these contribute to overall success.

Invest in the right keywords

Keyword-specific analysis helps optimize your campaign's spend by analyzing which keywords drive more MQL or sales. With Dataflo's keyword attribution template, you can gain insight into your keywords' performance and conversion data like ad spend, ad impressions, and deals won. You can allocate your ad spend wisely by bidding on the right keywords that drive sales and leads based on this data.

Contextual communication

Comment threads inside metric cards enable you to see all the conversations related to a specific metric, making it easy to understand data and collaborate with your team. This feature allows you to track feedback with clarity, identify trends, and develop strategies for improvement. It eliminates the need to search for lost reports or contextless communication, allowing you to deliver faster, engage more clients, and operate more efficiently.

Goal settings

Managing multiple metrics and KPIs can be challenging when determining who is responsible for what. Dataflo allows you to assign specific goals to individual team members, enabling them to track their progress toward achieving a specific objective. This feature clearly communicates the outcomes for which each team member is responsible and promotes a collective effort toward achieving a common goal.

Dataflo lets you integrate Google Ads dashboard with different data sources and provides a holistic single view

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