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GTM Operating System for Customer Success teams

Why should your Customer Success teams come under a GTM Operating System?

Customer Success is one of the newest functions to have been created in the B2B industry and have subsequently been under the umbrella of ‘Growth teams’ and it is obvious why - in a recurring revenue business model, it is just as important to retain customers as it is to add new ones.

“Customer success is where 90% of the revenue is,”  - Jason Lemkin

While the importance of customer success teams is recognized by companies across markets (LinkedIn has profiles with Customer Success Roles increase by 300%), founders and CXOs still try to figure out how best to align the CS teams within the GTM function.

Why is this tricky?

For software businesses, this includes the subscription 

“Revenue operations can be seen as the merging of sales, marketing and customer success operations; however, 

For several years, the GTM function was all about sales and marketing - and in spite of all the bickering between them, both the teams have identified and built processes that ensures that there is good alignment. 

Add the fact that the customer success teams generally don’t get involved until a much later stage in the buyer’s journey unlike marketing or sales teams, all of which end up resulting in the former becoming a third wheel in the GTM flywheel.

This is where a GTM OS helps customer success teams operate efficiently by facilitating a smooth collaborative workflow with the existing GTM functions. 

Bringing your customer success team(s) under a GTM Operating System 

Here’s how a GTM Operating System levels up your customer success function:

1. Rich context on the buyer’s journey

One of the biggest challenges for customer success teams has been to get more context into the needs of the users before they have become customers - often these needs surface in the first few interactions handled by the marketing or sales teams and in most cases, failing to reach the former.

A GTM OS™ completely eliminates this problem by keeping all the 3 teams in the loop throughout the buyer’s journey - using a dedicated GTM OS™ platform like Dataflo, the customer success teams are just 1-click away from getting all the relevant information they need to build better relationships.

2. Smooth Onboarding 

A significant advantage of having more context in the buyer’s journey is how it translates to tailored onboarding experience. 

For example, if the discovery call revealed that the user is looking to solve for a very specific use-case using your product, that information can be utilized to customize the onboarding experience tailored to the needs of the user(s).

With access to key data, the onboarding experience can be further enhanced to  get the users to realize the full potential of your product and reduce the ‘Time to Value’ metric, which is one of the biggest KPIs for customer success teams.

3. Identifying upsell & cross sell opportunities

Setting up a GTM Operating System™ allows you to unlock key business insights that directly leads you to upsell and cross opportunities which wouldn’t be possible with individual functions and a siloed tech stack.

For example, if a user frequently logs in to your application, this data along with their sales cycle and renewal cycle can be combined to predict if they are likely to move on to a higher tier plan - with a dedicated GTM OS platform, you can stay on top of these insights in real-time.


As Growth teams double down on measures that will help achieve operational efficiency and end-to-end transparency, the GTM OS™ Framework is the first and most important step for the sales team to head in the direction of data-driven decision making.

At Dataflo, we are building a dedicated GTM Operating System™ tailor-made for SMBs - sign up for early access.

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