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5 No-Code Ways to Export Netsuite data to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

5 No-Code Ways to Export Netsuite data to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Looking to export Netsuite data to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets? Here a re 5 no-code ways to do it.
Krishna Srinivas V
Krishna Srinivas V
Nov 3, 2020
Export Netsuite Data

Netsuite is one of the most popular ERP software in the world -if you are using Netsuite to manage enterprise data, there is a good chance that you also use either  Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to consolidate, manipulate and analyze the data from Netsuite to make key business decisions. 

This task involves mass data exports, creating automated dashboards, and visuals on your spreadsheets - while this task might be complicated (and even require the help of your tech team at times), there are a handful of ways to effortlessly migrate data between Netsuite and spreadsheets  

Here are 5 simple, no-code ways to export or import Netsuite data to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

#1 Netsuite’s built-in data export feature

Netsuite, like most ERPs, has an in-built export functionality to help you export data for analysis. There is even an option to download it in a format convenient to you - including as a CSV, XLS, or PDF.  

Netsuite data export

#2 Netsuite Data Exporter

NetSuite Data Exporter is a Google Sheet add-on that helps you automate the process of exporting NetSuite saved search results to Google Sheets - once you connect your NetSuite account, you can run specified saved searches and export the results into Google Sheets 

The free version allows you to pull up to 20 saved searches a day.

Netsuite data export

You can check out the tool here.

#3 CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel for Netsuite is the most popular option for Netsuite users when it comes to managing data. With the tool you can to view, edit, create your NetSuite data directly in Excel. - it even allows you to update multiple Netsuite records in parallel. 

Netsuite data export

Check out the tool here.


SuiteSheet is a simple add-on on top of Google Sheets that facilitates a seamless data flow between Netsuite and spreadsheets. Suitesheet’s integration allows you to download search data to google sheets and even make revisions to the data in Netsuite directly from the spreadsheet. 

Netsuite data export

Check out the tool here.

#5 Excel Web query

Using web queries is an alternative to exporting Netsuite data as a CSV - this is particularly useful if you use Excel for only data analysis or data visualization and your workflow does not require complex functionalities like two-way sync, updating Netsuite data from within spreadsheets, etc. 

Netsuite data export


As we enter the peaks of the no-code movement, it is becoming easier and easier for teams to perform complex workflows without the help of the tech teams - whether it is a simple data export or advanced functions like real-time data update, these no-code ways make your Netsuite data analysis much simpler. 

If you want to switch from the conventional ways and try out a powerful, all-cloud application, check out Dataflo, a lightweight Google Sheets add-on that lets you export/ import netsuite data or even update records right within your spreadsheets.  

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