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Databox vs. Klipfolio: Which Visualization Tool is Right for Marketers?

Unlock the power of data visualization with our in-depth comparison of Databox vs Klipfolio. Learn which tool best fits your needs in our latest blog post
Ira Singh
Ira Singh
Jan 24, 2023

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SaaS companies rely on data from various sources to draw insights and make data-driven decisions. Data visualization tools play a significant role in helping companies visualize and analyze data from multiple sources to grow their organization.

Amongst the various data visualization tools in the market, Databox and Klipfolio are the most popular, both in terms of features and user reviews. With the help of customizable dashboards and instant alerts, both Databox and Klipfolio enable companies to visualize, track and analyze all their data in a single interface.

Both have their fair share of pros and cons, making it difficult for customers to choose between the two. Through this blog, let us get into the nitty gritty of both data visualization tools to help SaaS businesses determine the best fit for their needs.


Dataflo- A Better Alternative

Dataflo Dashboard

The tedious search for the perfect data visualization solution ends with Dataflo. Dataflo is a visualization tool that helps you track, analyze and visualize all your GTM metrics from multiple sources so that you can be at the top of your data and make informed business decisions.

Dataflo provides you with a well-defined overview of your marketing campaigns. You don’t have to worry about collecting your data from various sources; Dataflo automatically collects all your essential data and presents it to you in a comprehensible format.

One of the best features of Dataflo is its simple user interface. Professionals without a technical background can operate and analyze data seamlessly with Dataflo’s no-code design.

With integrations to an array of data sources, you can create and view all your data on a single dashboard in minutes. You can also receive instant alerts and notifications from Dataflo about your top metrics through Slack or your email, keeping you up-to-date on all your data.

A unique thing about Dataflo is that their pricing plans are affordable compared to other popular data visualization solutions in the market. Dataflo has different price ranges for their plans, so it is accessible to everyone and caters to their company’s needs.

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With customizable dashboards and efficient data analytics, both Klipfolio and Databox enhance data visualization for businesses, both big and small. Let us look at some of their key features and see how they compare.


Klipfolio Dashboard
  •  Customizable Dashboards: Klipfolio enables customers to create custom dashboards to visualize their data. With over a hundred integrations, Klipfolio collects and analyzes data on a single interface without a glitch.You can choose from a wide range of pre-built templates to customize your dashboard. You can also customize your dashboard theme with the help of CSS, a feature that Databox does not offer.

    Klipfolio offers a unique advanced filtering feature that Databox lacks, enabling you to dig deep into your data and visualize your metrics effortlessly.

    While Klipfolio offers an array of features to customize your dashboard, Dataflo’s simple user interface makes it easy for customers from any and every background to create and track their data effortlessly with their customizable dashboards.
  • Automatic and Manual Data Input: Klipfolio automatically collects data from multiple data sources and analyzes them. Users can also import data via SQL connector or by uploading an Excel file to the software. You can also update the data via email or use pre-built REST/URL connectors to input your data automatically.

    Compared to Klipfolio, Databox automatically allows you to import data from various sources. You cannot manually input data with Databox.
  • Live update and report sharing. Klipfolio offers a live updating feature that enables fast and convenient data sharing among team members and stakeholders. You can also favorite your top metrics for swift and easy tracking.

    Klipfolio automatically converts your dashboard reports into Pdf through PowerMetrics and shares them with your team via email or chat. You can also add the reports to your presentation deck for easy access.

    On the other hand, Databox offers a feature to set alerts for crucial KPIs for specific members or the entire team to enable you to solve problems or address critical issues efficiently.



Databox Dashboard
  • Monitor Data from Anywhere. Databox allows you to view and track your data from anywhere in the world. The dashboards can be viewed on desktops, TVs, mobile apps, and even Apple watches. The software is optimized to fit each screen for seamless viewing. This unique feature helps teams collaborate effectively and make well-informed business decisions resourcefully.

    Even though Klipfolio has a mobile app, it is not compatible with TV viewing, giving Databox some extra brownie points.
  • Easy to Use. Databox makes creating custom dashboards simple and trouble-free. Their intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows users to organize their dashboard according to their company needs. You can also add, remove, and resize the data blocks to view your relevant data without filing through a series of metrics.

    There are several attractive templates that you can choose from while building your custom dashboard. Databox makes data visualization easy with the help of striking graphs, maps, pie charts, and 13 other visualization types.
  • Targeted Campaigns. With Databox, you can segment and view your audiences according to geographic locations and the amount of traffic they generate. You can create targeted campaigns based on these insights to attract more customers.

    You can also customize the engagement for campaigns that are not doing well and boost up campaigns that draw in more leads.


Dataflo, however, tops both Klipfolio and Databox in report sharing. Users can access, track, and download essential data on their Slack without having to visit Dataflo at all. With the help of a simple command, “/metric” on your inbox, you can view all your top metrics in a jiffy.

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Every company appreciates a good deal while getting a software subscription. Both Databox and Klipfolio have different pricing plans to fit every company’s needs. Here is a detailed breakdown of the pricing plans for Databox and Klipfolio.


Klipfolio has two different pricing plans for businesses and enterprises. Their prices are slightly steeper than those of Databox or other data visualization tools such as Dataflo. Let us look at their pricing plans in detail.

Klipfolio pricing plan for businesses:

Grow: $99/month, which includes 15 dashboards and unlimited users.

Team: $199/month, which consists of 30 dashboards and unlimited users.

Team+: $399/month, which consists of 60 dashboards and unlimited users.

Klipfolio pricing plan for enterprises:

They offer custom plans for enterprises starting at $499 per month.

Klipfolio offers a 14-day free trial for all their business and enterprise pricing plans.


Databox prices its plans based on the number of users apart from the additional features available with each plan.

Starter: $72/month.

The plan includes daily reporting and monitoring of data. It allows 5 users and 4 dashboards.

Professional: $135/month.

The plan includes hourly monitoring and analysis of data. It allows 25 users and 9 dashboards.

Performer: $231/ month.

The plan includes on-demand monitoring. It allows unlimited users and dashboards.

Databox offers a free forever plan with 3 data source connections and 60+ integrations.


While both Klipfolio and Databox offer several features for different price plans, Dataflo offers the most affordable prices compared to both Databox and Klipfolio. Dataflo offers growth and premium plans that provide unlimited users and dashboards along with a range of other worthwhile features.

They also offer a free plan with 3 dashboards and users per month. Check out the complete price specifications here.

Dataflo Pricing



Collecting and analyzing data is a crucial feature in every data visualization. Both Databox and Klipfolio have integrations with various data sources to enable seamless data collection to track and analyze. Let us look at some integrations and other specifications for Databox and Klipfolio.


You can integrate and customize your dashboards with some excellent data connectors. Klipfolio also enables you to import your data via pre-built REST/URLs, Excel sheets, or SQL connectors. You can also update your data using the automatic data input function.

Here are some of the most popular Klipfolio integrations:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce


Databox offers over 70 integrations, including APIs. The integrations are accompanied by a collection of metrics and 200+ pre-built reports, and pre-figured Data Blocks.

Some of the most popular integrations include:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook


Apart from the popular integrations, Dataflo also offers CRM integrations, including HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. The integrations also come with an array of GTM metrics that assesses and translates data from different applications across various tech stacks such as CRM, marketing analytics, and sales intelligence.


User experience

In any business, especially the SaaS industry, the user experience of the products or services is vital to the success of the business. Since SaaS companies function on the monthly subscription model, they must ensure that the products are user-friendly and backed up with good customer support. Let us look at how Databox and Klipfolio fare in these departments.


One of the best things about Klipfolio is that the User Interface is very easy to understand. Anyone can get up to speed with all the features and functions in no time.

G2  “The UI for data visualization is pretty easy to get up to speed on. I appreciate that it is very clear what functionality is available, what kinds of visualizations you can create, and how to customize them. The documentation for the Klip components and data transformation is pretty good. I also appreciate that Klipfolio can securely connect to our database with TLS (this was a must-have feature). I am a software developer, so it has been pretty easy to work with.”

Klipfolio Review
Reviews on G2

Klipfolio enables a comprehensive report-building experience. This makes it easy for teams to track the KPIs and inspires them to take the necessary actions to achieve them.

G2  “Klipfolio has features that enable a far more comprehensive and in-depth report-building experience. Motivating team members to take action on their KPIs is easier with Klipfolio.”

Klipfolio Review
Reviews on G2

In spite of the impressive user interface and dashboards, Klipfolio needs to catch up in terms of speed. The software lags when users attempt to implement complex actions or open multiple data sources simultaneously.

G2 “The platform can run a little slow sometimes, particularly when performing complex actions. With Klips, data sources are always fully refreshed when loading up a dashboard, which can drag down the performance when working with multiple data sources at the same time...”

Klipfolio review


Databox has excellent customer support for its users. When dealing with an issue, customer support representatives respond within minutes to sort out issues the user might.

G2 “Last but not least, the people that work there are amazing! The sales rep, Vladimir, was excellent. Then, the support people like Tim, respond within a few seconds, and help you build databoards.”

Databox Review
Reviews on G2

Databox is highly flexible and has an intuitive interface. Users add that they can create impressive dashboards within a few minutes with the help of their built-in integrations.

G2 “The support team is insanely good. Anything that I need they help me with, I'm always blown away. Also, there are built in integrations for everything, so I can usually deliver a great dashboard with a couple of clicks.”

Databox Review
Reviews on G2

“The support team is insanely good. Anything that I need they help me with, I'm always blown away. Also, there are built in integrations for everything, so I can usually deliver a great dashboard with a couple of clicks.”

Even though their data integrations and dashboards are fantastic, in some cases, the data sources get disconnected, and the users lose their historical data. Creating custom reports may also be challenging since some users might need external spreadsheets to calculate the data.

G2 “While using Databox, sometimes data sources don't stay connected and historical data can be lost. It is also somewhat difficult to create custom reporting since an external spreadsheet may be needed to calculate the data.”

Databox review
Reviews on G2

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Dataflo fares considerably well amidst data visualization tools such as Databox and Klipfolio in terms of user experience and overall satisfaction. The dashboards are easy to assemble, and the blocks can be resized and removed according to your comfort.

The users can also view and track the data from various data sources. The historical data can be saved for up to 6 months, making it easier for companies to track previous trends and customers’ purchasing behavior.

You can star your favorite metrics and track them with ease. Dataflo also enables you to schedule automated reports for your team and stakeholders to spare you the trouble of creating lengthy reports manually.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have covered all the features and reviews for Databox and Klipfolio let us quickly recap the pros and cons of both data visualization tools.



  • Klipfolio allows its users to create and customize global templates that can be used with various clients.
  • They have a large set of integrations for users to collect and analyze data.
  • They have an excellent customer support system.
  • Their User Interface is splendid and is a favorite among various customers.


  • Users need to know a certain level of coding to work with features beyond pre-built klips and connectors.
  • The templates offered by Klipfolio cannot be organized in any other way than the way it is presented.
  • Klipfolio tends to lag when multiple data sources are opened at the same time.



  • Databox is highly user-friendly and can be easily operated by individuals without any coding experience.
  • Dashboards and other reports can be viewed on the TV and other digital devices.
  • Databox enables users to set goals for the team, making it efficient for everyone to track and work towards achieving them.


  • Databox doesn’t support the configuration of Google Analytics data.
  • Databox could use more integrations, so they don’t have to rely on an external workflow automation tool.
  • They need to expand their API connectors for their prevailing connections.


While Databox and Klipfolio are veterans in the data visualization industry, Dataflo makes collecting important data easier and displays them on a clutter-free, fully customizable dashboard. Creating custom dashboards is a piece of cake and can be accomplished within minutes.

Users can effectively share rapid alerts, notifications, and reports through Slack or email. They offer a list of other features and integrations for pricing plans affordable for companies and businesses of all kinds.


We have established that Databox and Klipfolio are excellent data visualization tools you can use to grow your business. Each of these tools is known for something. Databox is an ideal tool for advertising and marketing agencies looking for a comprehensive data visualization tool. Klipfolio, on the other hand, is more apt for advanced users with a tech background to make the most out of the tool.

If you are unsure about Databox and Klipfolio, you should Book a Demo with Dataflo. Dataflo makes it simple to compare and evaluate data to make data-driven decisions for your company. It is straightforward to use and provides a clear picture of how your marketing initiatives are doing, which enables you to accomplish your goals swiftly and successfully.

But at the end of the day, you must thoroughly research all your options to see which tool aligns most with your company’s needs. It is always a good idea to try out each tool to gauge its efficiency and value for the company before investing in any of them.

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Ira Singh

Ira Singh

Ira is a writer and blogs about her love of words. She has been responsible for creating powerful and effective content that attracts and retains customers. A blend of her humble writing experience and an endeavour to inspire people with her words is on her table now. She is an avid reader and a music lover too. She loves to devote time each day to yoga and meditation in addition to going for walks.

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Ira Singh

Ira Singh

Ira is a writer and blogs about her love of words. She has been responsible for creating powerful and effective content that attracts and retains customers. A blend of her humble writing experience and an endeavour to inspire people with her words is on her table now. She is an avid reader and a music lover too. She loves to devote time each day to yoga and meditation in addition to going for walks.

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