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Click Through Rate (CTR)


A click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on links in your ads, pages, or emails compared to how often those links are displayed.

What is Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

A click-through rate (CTR) measures how many times people click on a link in your ad, page, or email compared to the overall number of times the link is seen i.e., Impression.

For marketers, click-through rates provide valuable information about how effectively their advertising campaigns drive traffic to their websites.

For example, a website with a high CTR for a particular page may indicate that the page has a compelling title and description and ranks well for relevant keywords.

On the other hand, a website with a low CTR may indicate that the page is not ranking well for relevant keywords or that the title and description are ineffective at attracting clicks. Several factors could cause low CTR; learn how to figure a low CTR in Google Search Console.

In either case, the CTR data can provide valuable insights to help website owners optimize their content and improve their search performance.

How to calculate CTR?

To calculate your click-through rate (CTR), divide your campaign's total number of clicks by the total number of impressions (over a specific period). The resulting number can be expressed as a percentage by multiplying it by 100.

Click- through rate formula
Click- through rate formula

For instance, if you had 1,000 impressions and your ad was clicked 100 times, your CTR would be 10%.

What is the ideal CTR?

Matt Umbro, the founder of PPC Hero, has a wealth of experience in PPC marketing. He wrote that a 2% CTR is a good benchmark for your average click-through rate. But even if you're hitting the 2% mark, it's important to keep trying to get better results.

The ideal CTR varies with the industry because it depends on three factors: type, audience, and purpose. Looking at all industries, you'll find an average CTR of 6.64% for search and 0.57% for display ads.

Average Click - Through Rates by Industry
Average Click- Through Rates by Industry

The average CTR on search ads is much higher than on display ads. This is because people searching for information actively submit keywords associated with their intent. In contrast, people browsing a website passively skim ads and often do not intend to click on them.

Comparing the average  industry CTR for social media, Twitter ads have the highest CTR (2.00%), and LinkedIn has the lowest (0.06%). Additionally, Instagram has a CTR rate of 0.94%, and Facebook with 0.72%. One reason for LinkedIn's low CTR performance may be LinkedIn's primary purpose as a networking tool and limited outreach opportunities for advertisers.

Better CTRs mean better quality scores and overall campaign performance.

How to improve CTR?

CTR is one of the 5 Key Paid Marketing Campaign Metrics Every Marketers Should Track.

Here are some tips and best practices for boosting the CTR (click-through rate) of a website's pages on Google search:

Optimize content and keywords with SEO - Search engine optimization involves researching the keywords and queries that users are searching for—then incorporating them into the website's content, titles and descriptions. This can improve a page's visibility on Google search and raise the likelihood of people clicking through.

Create captivating titles and descriptions for pages - The titles and descriptions are the first things users see when looking for keywords on Google. They are instrumental in grabbing users' attention and prompting them to click on the pages. It is essential to make the titles and descriptions of website pages both appetizing and informative.

Generate high-quality and relevant content - If your content does not meet the needs of searchers, they will probably skip it. Consequently, generating pertinent content that addresses the needs of users is significant for those searching for keywords on Google.

Track the performance of the website's pages - GSC furnishes abundant data and insights about the CTR of a website's pages on Google search, including the overall CTR, the CTR for individual pages, the CTR for specific queries, and the CTR for different countries and devices. By examining this data, website owners can spot possibilities for upgrading the CTR.

How to measure CTR in Google Search Console?

You can measure CTR by going to Google Search Console and selecting Overview and View Full Report. The Average CTR can be found in this section.

Avg CTR in Google Search Console
Averag CTR in Google Search Console

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