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Top Customer Management Tools You Must Have in 2023

To help you decide what tools might fit in your Customer Success tech stack, here is a description of each of those tools and why it made in our list.
Krishna Srinivas V
Krishna Srinivas V
Oct 28, 2021
Customer Success Tech Stack
Customer Success Tech Stack

Running a B2B business is a lot like Avengers. You bring together teams with different skill sets for a common goal - while the latter’s goals are to save people and fight evil, for a company it is increasing revenue and fighting churn.

Just like how the Avengers have their stack of high-tech gadgetry like vibranium shield and titanium suits to make use of to get the job done, our teams too rely on a set of customer management tools to improve efficiency. 

In a world of recurring revenue, the company with the happiest users takes home the crown. In this post, we take a look what are all the tools of customer relationship management that needs as part of your Customer Success tech stack.

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Important functions of Customer Sucess

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most critical aspects that a customer success team should absolutely nail down. If the user doesn’t see the value of your product within minutes after logging in, they are going to jump off to a competitor faster than the Flash on a Friday night ;)

This is where dedicated customer onboarding tools designed to hit the ‘wow’ factor help you get your onboarding right. Here are a couple of customer management tools we recommend you absolutely try out.


Appcues lets you add “cues” or walkthroughs within your app to educate users as they try to navigate your app for the first time. 

Appcues makes it easy to measure and improve product adoption by tracking and analyzing product usage, allowing you to create beautiful in-app onboarding tours, and surveys in minutes.

Pricing: Starts from $249/month

Appcues- A Customer Onboarding Platform


With multiple customers, projects, and hand-offs, onboarding new customers can feel like untangling shoelaces with a straitjacket. Rocketlane is a collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform that makes it all easier.

Rocketlane helps you shorten time-to-value, streamline implementation projects, and elevate your onboarding CX by combining project management, live document collaboration, and communication capabilities into one tightly-knit experience. 

Pricing: Starts from $19/month

Rocketlane - Collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform


Helpdesk software is one of the most important category when it comes to your customer success tech stack. In fact, the industry is set to grow to $11 billion in the next five years. Our pick for an easy-to-use, light on the pocket suite?


HappyFox is a popular helpdesk software for companies and teams of different sizes. With Happy desk you can set up automation workflows, ticketing management, and advanced reporting etc.

Pricing: Request for pricing

HappyFox vs Freshdesk Breakdown

Subscription Management

The lifeline for SaaS businesses, it is absolutely essential that you nail down your subscription management tech stack which includes tools to manage your billing, measure revenue, and track churn. Here are our recommendations for world-class customer management tools that every CS leader and founder should be using:


Chargebee is one of the most popular subscription management software to help streamline your billing and user management processes.

Chargebee comes with a host of features like invoice automation, payment collection along with powerful integrations with other payments for a complete, seamless subscription management experience.

Pricing: Starts from $299/month

Subscription Billing Startup ChargeBee Raises $800k From Accel Partners |  TechCrunch


ProfitWell is a subscription management platform that offers a suite of revenue automation projects which helps you reduce cancellations, optimize pricing, and give accurate free revenue reporting.  

Pricing: Free plan available

ProfitWell - 100% Accurate Financial Metrics for PayPal


ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success Platform that helps subscription businesses reduce customer churn. Our software solutions allow businesses to understand how their customers use their product, assess their health and their likelihood to renew and give businesses the means to personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints.

Pricing: Request for pricing

ChurnZero Integration

Customer Feedback

A fundamental part of product building for SaaS companies is looping in feedback from customers and translating that into actionable working items for the product team. Here are some of the tools which allow just that:


SurveySparrow is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform that bundles customer experience and employee experience tools such as NPS, Offline, Chat, Classic, and 360° Surveys which are mobile-first and user-friendly.

Pricing: Free plan available 


AskNicely is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform that bundles customer experience and employee experience tools such as NPS, Offline, Chat, Classic, and 360° Surveys which are mobile-first and user-friendly.

Pricing: Request for pricing

AskNicely - Insight Platforms


Intercom is a Customer Communications Platform.  

With Intercom, you can build better customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences across the customer journey.

Integrate Intercom with your contact center software | CloudTalk

Session Replay

As a customer success leader, it is important to have complete visibility into every action that a user takes inside your product. This is where Session Replay tools come in handy.


FullStory is a digital experience intelligence platform that combines analytics, session details, and collaboration tools to help answer questions, understand issues, and uncover opportunities on web and mobile applications.

With FullStory, proactively understand what is happening on your website, digital products, and mobile app with the industry’s most complete digital experience data.

FullStory Integration

Pricing: Free plan available


Self-serve is an integral part of product-led growth companies which means a rock-solid support documentation which reduces your support tickets. This is where robust documentation software help you build a self-serve model with minimal need for intervention from the support team.


Document360 is a documentation platform that helps you build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users that can be accessed either privately or publicly.

With Document360, you can create a  well-structured knowledge base content, customize your documentation pages with your brand colors, logo, images etc., and set up dedicated permissions.

Document360 Review: The Perfect Self-Service Knowledge Base Software

Pricing: Starts from $99/month


For hyper-scaling companies, a handful of tools mashed together may not be enough to get the job done. You need a platform, a suite of tools of customer relationship management where the entire customer success team can sit out of and help users proactively. This is where customer success platforms come in. Here are the best ones:


Churn360 is a data-driven AI customer success platform that helps SaaS businesses reduce churn and increase the lifetime value of their customers. Churn360 aggregates customer data from multiple SaaS products, such as CRM, Helpdesk, and Billing software, into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard provides customer success managers with a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer.

Churn360 also provides features like playbook automation, customer onboarding, customer journey mapping and tracking, surveys to effectively assist the customers in various circumstance leading to reduced customer churn and thus increase retention. What sets Churn360 apart from our competitors is that we show you insights and recommended actions, not data. Pricing starts from $99/user/month when billed monthly and $79/user/month when billed annually.


Gainsight® is a pioneer and leader in the customer success software category that offers a powerful set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, customer experience, and customer data, that together enable businesses to put the customer at the center of everything they do.

Customer Success and Product Experience Software | Gainsight

Pricing: Request for pricing


Vitally is a customer success platform that helps teams of every size deliver world-class customer experiences, meet unexpected challenges, and operate more efficiently.  

With Vitally, unify all your customer-facing data, with bi-directional, real-time integrations. Easily analyze account and user status, including health scores for every customer segment and lifecycle.

Pricing: Request for pricing

Vitally Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds support, sales, and customer management relationship software designed to foster better customer relationships.

With Zendesk, keep customer communications across channels (email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp) in one place with relevant context for customer support agents.

Zendesk Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives | GetApp

Pricing: Starts from $49/month per agent


As a customer success professional, it is important that you have the best set of tools of customer relationship management at your disposal across the board from onboarding to churn mitigation. 

Customer success is a highly dynamic field which demands that the customer success professionals are able to embrace new technology and adapt to different situations. Most of the customer management relationship software listed above can be adapted to accommodate the specific needs of a company

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Krishna is dedicated to helping brands and startups grow through user-centric product design that helps them get the most out of their data. He acts as a conduit, understanding what customers need and then creating products that meet those needs. He is a nature enthusiast and has fondness for great music and movies.

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Krishna is dedicated to helping brands and startups grow through user-centric product design that helps them get the most out of their data. He acts as a conduit, understanding what customers need and then creating products that meet those needs. He is a nature enthusiast and has fondness for great music and movies.

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