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15 Best Tools for Remote Work you must have in 2023

Whichever remote work model you choose, it’s important to have tools to help your team. Check out these 15 tools for creating a remote-friendly tech stack!
Remote Tech Stack
Remote Tech Stack

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see these years? 




If you are like us, it was probably the Moon landing (1969), the Apple commercial (1984), and the infamous dotcom bubble (2001).

2020? A notorious virus that turned things on its head at an unprecedented scale.

But every cloud has its silver lining. 

For 2020, it is the agility at which companies across the globe adopted remote work - companies like Facebook, Twitter have even gone a step ahead with policies that allow permanent WFH.

Despite its perks, remote work, it also has a fair share of challenges - scheduling conflicts, team collaboration, and so on. Whether you are going back to office or working out on a hybrid remote work model, or considering permanently adopting work from home for your team, you need an artillery of tools for convenient transition into the new normal.

We scoured the web for the best tools for remote workers every team must have in their tech stack for improved team collaboration and increased productivity.

In this post, we've aggregated the tech tools for remote work to boost the workflow within your remote teams. The tech stack you can use for your team is listed below.

Remote Tech Stack for 2021 & Beyond



Category: Workflow Automation

Pricing: Basic Free plan available, paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

Workflow automation is one of the tool categories that has seen true disruption in the last few years, taking out the hassle when it comes to integrating data between tools and their importance has only risen during the pandemic.

Workflow automation- Data Integration between tools

For most of us a big part of the physical office experience was probably walking up to a colleague’s desk to keep the wheels spinning. With that luxury out the window, you have to ensure there is no bottleneck within functions - this is where tools for remote work like Zapier completely takes away that headache. 

With 2000+ integrations, Zapier would have a solution for any workflow imaginable - whether it is sending over a file to a colleague when a certain ticket is raised or sending a reminder when a deal stage is moved, you can set up several automation workflows that removes friction when collaborating remotely.



Category: Team Chat 

Pricing:Free plan available, paid plan starts at $8 per month.

Slack is a great tool for working remotely. It is a team chat software that makes it easy to communicate with your team members remotely. It is a favorite across companies of all sizes thanks to its handy features as well as a clean UI that makes it incredibly easy to set up and onboard teams. 

Slack tool for remote working

You can create private as well as public groups (called as a #channel), react to messages and even set up video calls with your team within the app.

Slack comes with nifty integrations with apps like Drift, Typeform, Mailchimp where you can set up automation workflows to receive messages whenever a particular action is taken - for instance, you can set up to receive a new Slack message whenever there is a new sign up to your free trial.

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Alternatives: Microsoft Teams, Google Chat



Category: Video conferencing 

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $14.99 per month/host.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that has exploded beyond anybody’s prediction in the last 12 months as teams scrambled to meeting rooms in a year that saw them grow by over 350%

Video conferencing through Zoom

In fact, Zoom has been used so much that it led to coining the term ‘ Zoom fatigue’.

If you are remote team, this is probably the #1 tool that should be in your tech stack.

Alternatives: Google Meet, Airmeet



Category: Video conferencing

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plan starts at $99 per month.

Airmeet is an all in one video conferencing tool used for meetups, networking, conferences, webinars, etc.

Video conferencing using Airmeet

Unlike Zoom and Meet, Airmeet is highly scalable for hosting conferences and multi-session events. You can even conduct polls, Q&As, for a more interactive online meet-up experience.



Category: Project management 

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $5 per month.

ClickUp is a lightweight project management tool to manage and schedule tasks for teams across functions. 

Project management via ClickUp

With ClickUp you can customize tasks, set statuses, make checklists status, make a checklist, add task dependencies, and set goals to have a clear insight on your task’s progress. 

ClickUp eases the constraints of remote work with accurate visibility into what the roadmap is, priorities, and deadlines.



Category: Password Management

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $3 per month.

With so many tools across the tech stack managing passwords is always a hassle; more so when everyone is working remotely and team members needing to have back and forth exchanges for application logins.

Password Management using LastPass

LastPass removes the friction altogether facilitating a one-stop place for password management - the browser extension helps you store passwords, account information, credit card details etc. automatically filling in the information when you login to an application. 



Category: Calendar Management

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $8  per month.

Calendly is one of the most popular calendar tools on the market that makes it easy to set up meetings; Calendly is especially useful if you have demos for your product and want prospects to easily connect with you. 

Calendly- One of the most popular calendar tools

The tool integrates with other popular calendars like Google Calendar, Apple calendar and makes it super convenient to find common times for meetings, eliminating the back and forth email exchanges when trying to book demos.



Category: Design Collaboration

Pricing: Basic free plan available, paid plans start at $12 per month.

Figma is a design and prototyping tool for pro designers. WIth Figma you can create mockups, design prototypes, and more. 

Figma- a design and prototyping tool for design collaboraton

The design tool comes with a host of great features for remote collaboration such as tracking progress, adding comments which creates a smooth runway to turn your ideas into proper design screens. 



Category: Time management

Pricing: A free trial available, paid plans start from $7 per month.

Time Doctor is a time management and productivity tool that provides detailed analytics of where teams spend their time, empowering employees and managers to increase productivity and results. 

Manage your time using Time Doctor tool

Some of its features include tracking attendance, calculating time spent on each project, client, or task and more.

If you want to get a detailed overview on your team’s productivity as they work remotely, then Time Doctor is a must. 



Category: Document Management

Pricing: Free plan available, basic plans start at $4 per month.

Notion is a document management/ note-taking app that is known for its powerful collaborative features.

You can add a list, plain text, videos, sound,  code snippets – it comes with different views, kanban boards and pretty much everything you’d need for managing docs. 

If you are a small team looking to manage all the documents in your company, few do it better than Notion. 

Notion- A document management/ note-taking app

Note: There is a special free plan for first responders, researchers, and nonprofit organizations fighting COVID-19.

11. Wistia

Category: Video Marketing software

Pricing: Free plan available, the paid plan starts at $99 per month.

Wistia is a popular video marketing software that allows you to upload videos and embed videos on your site or even within your product to help increase user engagement.

Wistia- A popular video marketing software

The platform offers a powerful range of customization such as color, logo and CTA for your videos as well as get insights on how the video performed.



Category: Noise cancellation tool

Pricing: Free plan available and paid plans start from $5 per month.

Krisp is a noise cancellation tool that helps you remove any background noise when using team communication software such as Zoom, Meet, Teams etc. 

Krisp, a noise cancellation tool helps remove background noise

It supports 800+ communication tools, removing background noise at just a click. 

If you are working remotely and find yourself muting your end of the call because of annoying background noise, you should definitely check out Krisp.



Type: Document Automation 

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $19 per month. 

PandaDoc is a document automation tool that helps teams create, edit, and manage documents seamlessly.

Document Automation using PandaDoc

PandaDoc allows you to get e-signatures as well as track the documents to make your document workflows super simple.


World Time Buddy

Category: Time management 

Pricing: Free plans available and paid plans start at $2.99 per month.

World Time Buddy is a nifty world clock that helps you schedule online meetings conveniently based on different time zones -all you have to do is add locations, point and click the cursor to convert the time, schedule a meeting, and share it with your team members.

World Time Buddy- A time management tool

If you are working remote with a geographically dispersed team, this is a tool you must definitely check out.



Category: Content management

Pricing:  Free trial is available and the paid plan starts at $30 per month.

Paperflite is a content management software to manage your marketing and sales collateral.

Content management using Paperflite

Paperflite lets you create content with beautiful themes, and lets you easily organize and distribute them across channels - once the collateral is out, you can track how users engage with your content and make content tweaks accordingly.


Whether it is 3+1, or hybrid, or whatever model, some kind of remote work is here to stay for the long haul.

Check out these 15 tools for remote work to build a remote-friendly tech stack that maximizes your team’s productivity.

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Keerthi is passionate about building products. She contributes towards product strategies and is responsible for managing the company’s analytics platform and creating new products that meet the customer’s needs. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying baking, painting and listening to music. She loves capturing and documenting priceless moments of her life.

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Keerthi is passionate about building products. She contributes towards product strategies and is responsible for managing the company’s analytics platform and creating new products that meet the customer’s needs. In her spare time, you can find her enjoying baking, painting and listening to music. She loves capturing and documenting priceless moments of her life.

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