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How to Improve Your Email CTR: Tips and Best Practices

Get more clicks with these actionable tips and best practices for improving your email click-through rate (CTR). Increase engagement now!
How to Improve Your Email CTR
How to Improve Your Email CTR

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Are you tired of sending emails and not getting the results you wanted? As a marketer, you know that email marketing is a powerful tool for taking your campaigns to the next level. Email marketing has become a meaningful way to lead generation by making your business profitable.

But what if your emails don't resonate with your audience or they don't take any action?

Well, this is where the click-through rate (CTR) plays a pivotal role. The CTR tells you how many people are actually clicking through to your website after opening your email. 

The goal is to achieve a high CTR as it indicates that your emails are hitting the mark and your subscribers are taking the action you wanted them to take.

So, how do you improve your CTR? That's what we're going to talk about in this blog post. 

What is Email Marketing and what is CTR?

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves sending promotional messages, advertisements, or marketing content to subscribers or a group of people via email. 

The main purpose of email marketing is to build relationships with potential customers, retain existing customers, and promote a brand, service, or product.

CTR, or Click-through rate, is a metric tool to measure the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. 

Two types of Email CTRs:

There are two types of Email CTRs:

  • TCTR (total click-through rate)
  • UCTR (unique click-through rate).

TCTR measures the total number of clicks on a link. On the other hand, UCTR counts the distinct clicks that an email link receives.

For example, if someone opens up the same email on a desktop and also on their phone, the TCTR count will be two, and the UCTR count will be one. Similarly, if someone opens the same link twice, that means one count to UTCR and two counts to TCTR.

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The Role of Email Marketing in B2B Business

The role of email marketing in B2B Business is to target companies or multiple individuals in a firm. Also, there is a difference in creating email marketing campaigns for B2B Businesses compared to B2C. 

You have to broaden your perspective while promoting your business with a company. Usually, companies have their marketing checklist and the best type of email marketing would fulfill all of them.  

Mailchimp is a highly popular email marketing platform that is utilized by marketers worldwide. We have compiled a list of the 8 essential metrics that must be measured when executing campaigns on this email marketing tool.

Why is Email CTR a very important Metric for Email Marketing?

A Click-through rate is an essential metric to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign. CTR is the ratio of recipients who clicks on the email’s link to the total number of recipients who receive the email. 

Tracking CTR can help marketers determine their email campaigns' success and identify the areas of improvement, such as segmenting email lists, personalizing email campaigns, mobile view optimization, sending emails at the right time, etc. 

What is a Good CTR?

An email open rate is the number of recipients who have opened your email. For instance, if your email open rate is 40%, then out of 100 subscribers, 40 must have opened your mail. 

A good open rate should be between 15-28%. Though every industry has different requirements, similarly email open rate varies likewise. The image below shows some of the benchmarks for email CTR specific to the industry:

Email CTR specific to the industry
Email CTR specific to the industry

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Ways to improve CTR in email marketing

7 proven ways to improve email click-through rate

Write Compelling Subject Lines

It's crucial to capture your receivers' attention in the subject line because it's the first thing they'll see in an email. Therefore, optimize it before attempting to increase email CTR.

Salespeople frequently attempt to write intriguing subject lines that have nothing to do with the email copy. Even though it has a good chance of being opened, it may be flagged as spam. 

Personalize Your Emails

Personalized emails are a powerful tool for building stronger relationships with customers. Businesses can use the customer's name to create a sense of familiarity and establish a conversational tone that encourages customers to engage with the email. 

This personal touch can also increase the likelihood that customers will open the email, as they feel the content is directly relevant to them. 

Use Clear and Attractive Call To Action

A Call To Action is a marketing term or a phrase focusing on immediate sales. One CTA should be included in your email for the recipient to concentrate on. Ensure your email copy compels the reader to follow the CTA's instructions.

In order to have a good CTR, CTA placement is essential. You can observe an increase in the rate by positioning the call-to-action above the fold.

Segment Your Email List

Try to keep your audience's interests in mind. Your email open rates will drop significantly if you send emails to subscribers who are not interested in your offer. 

As a result, segmenting your mailing list is preferable. By doing this, you'll be able to send prospects emails that are tailored to their interests. 

Emails that the recipients find relevant will naturally elicit responses from them. In other words, satisfy customer demand and watch as your CTR soars.

Keep Your Emails Short and Precise

Keeping the message short and precise can help in the reader’s retention. Multiple themes in an email cause the reader to become distracted and prevent them from clicking any links. Individuals have limited time to focus, and they will readily lose interest if the email is too long to read.

Mobile View Optimization

Nowadays, customers have become technologies Nomads and prefer using any electronic device to browse through. The most likely gadget for surfing is a mobile phone.

To improve email CTR, you must include features such as auto-fill forms, auto-detect location settings, the option to check out as a guest, and interface optimization with large buttons and small images.

Timing of Email Campaign

To maximize the impact of your email marketing efforts, it's important to send emails at the right time. This means determining when your subscribers are most likely to engage with your emails and click through to your website or take other desired actions. 

By sending your emails at the optimal time, you can increase the chances of getting a high click-through rate (CTR), and achieve your desired marketing outcomes.


In email marketing, CTR is an important component, and by following these tips and continually testing and refining your approaches, you can improve your CTR and achieve better results. 

With this, keep your emails relevant, valuable, and visually and verbally appealing by providing a great user experience. Therefore, you can optimize email campaigns for maximum engagement. 

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Not only can you visualize key email marketing metrics, but you also can easily understand your email marketing contribution to generating leads enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve your marketing goals. 

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Suvedha loves creating compelling and effective content by using data to inform the content strategy and writing process. She began writing as a way of expressing her ideas and soon the act of writing became cathartic for her. Now this impulse has turned into a full-blown career. Apart from writing, she likes to haunt local bookstores and make impromptu plans with friends and then questioning this decision.

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Suvedha loves creating compelling and effective content by using data to inform the content strategy and writing process. She began writing as a way of expressing her ideas and soon the act of writing became cathartic for her. Now this impulse has turned into a full-blown career. Apart from writing, she likes to haunt local bookstores and make impromptu plans with friends and then questioning this decision.

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