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Must-have tools in your Sales Tech Stack

Must-have tools in your Sales Tech Stack

If salespeople were Batman, the sales tech stack is their Robin. A constant companion that makes their life so much more efficient. The question is, which of the sales tools are must-have in your sales tech stack?
Krishna Srinivas V
Krishna Srinivas V
Dec 9, 2021
Sales tech Stack

As sales leaders, there's never a shortage of hoops through jump through you have to go through- demo calls, updating the CRM, scheduling calls, sitting on demos, updating the CRM. You know the drill. A routine that could stifle even the rockstar sales people. Fortunately, there's a constant companion by your side week in and week out: your very own Sales tech stack.

Whether it is automating outreach, staying on top of critical leads, or crushing quotas, the right sales tech stack can make a sales leader's life so much easier.

In this post, we look at some of the must-have tools in every sales person's arsenal.

Must-have tools for your Sales tech stack

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

First and foremost, you require the most appropriate customer relationship management software available. At the forefront of your priority list should be ensuring that customers are engaged in long-term and meaningful ways across the pipeline. The correct customer relationship management system (CRM) will follow your client's connection from prospect to closure.

It will also boost retention, create chances for upselling, monitor and analyze data from each customer, and handle any new product launches. There are numerous customer relationship management (CRM) tools available; however, the following is a summary of some of the most often used tools:


Customers and prospects are seen as a single entity in Salesforce, which uses cloud technology to provide teams with a unified view of each customer and prospect. This allows sales teams to incorporate customer data from any source, streamline social media, phone, and chat support, and deliver targeted, customized content. Salesforce also integrates with many popular platforms.


In addition to Salesforce, Hubspot CRM is another cloud-based solution for small sales teams seeking to manage the sales process and respond to customer support issues from the same platform. 


When it comes to managing their sales pipeline, not every company requires an enterprise-level CRM. Zoho is a CRM platform that is affordable, scalable, and user-friendly for smaller companies and sales teams. It may assist you with automating outreach, tracking sales, and engaging with clients and prospects.

Sales Engagement

Having more prospects isn't necessarily a good thing because it means more marketing. By prioritizing quality over quantity, sales representatives may devote more time to nurturing prospects who are the most likely to convert. Screening and developing new business tools assist teams in identifying and contacting high-quality leads by streamlining the prospecting process and providing statistics to aid in the discovery of these leads.

Some SaaS tech stack even assists you in automating elements of the nurturing process, allowing you to create relationships without having to spend hours writing messages to people. Look for technologies that can assist your sales staff in making the most of their data, whether it's through proposing next steps or automation elements of the selling process.

Sales Navigator on LinkedIn

A useful tool for connecting with decision-makers on LinkedIn is the Sales Navigator, which allows you to reach out and cultivate relationships with the people who matter most to your business. It is a premium LinkedIn service that assists you in identifying and connecting with prospects.


The four major components of the Outreach sales engagement platform help sales representatives strategize and automate their communications. It combines email, social media, voice, and text, while an Always-On assistant continuously refreshes critical information on prospects.

Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning guides sales reps on the next step. Besides that, the program keeps track of team performance by providing feedback on the efficiency of your communications.


Klenty is a sales engagement platform that can help sales teams reach out to prospects by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale. Using Klenty, you can automate all the repetitive activities involved in your sales process like sending cold emails, follow-ups, tracking engagement metrics, etc - so that you can focus more on activities like building relationships and closing deals.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Xant is a sales enablement solution that allows for bi-directional exchange of data on anonymous consumer behavior through direct CRM connection. 

Accounts Management

To plan for the future, you need a modern approach to account management. For starters, instead of selling to a single customer, your sales representatives must identify a full buying team to close a contract. To do so, they must use the appropriate tools to identify those judgment calls and establish the most effective method of approaching them.


Aviso is a comprehensive revenue and profit platform that assists sales teams with forecasting, guiding deals, vendor management, and collaboration capabilities.

Live Meetings

When it comes to sales, demonstrations may make or break a deal. As long as you execute your demo, leads will turn into paying clients. If you do not perform it correctly, you will wind up with a leaking funnel that will not convert.

Customers may expect high-quality audio and video from their sales representatives, as well as the ability to share their computer screen and link with some other sales tools, such as your scheduling tools.


In addition to video meetings, Zoom also allows sales representatives to share their screens and record demos that they may later share with other sales representatives.

Project Management and Communication

Although your contracts have been signed, the real work has only just begun! After that, it's time to integrate your services or products and coordinate efforts across departments to provide the greatest possible service and retention. Your sales enablement tech stack would be incomplete without reliable project management software.

From pitch to proposal, onboarding to renewal, dependable project management software is vital. Your project manager will ensure that projects are completed on schedule, that teams are in communication, and that clients are satisfied.


Workfront provides sales teams with a centralized, customized platform to manage operations, develop content, work together on projects, or exchange ideas across teams, geographies, and projects.


Trello is a straightforward web-based Kanban-style solution that enables teams to arrange and list tasks according to their priority and completion date. Team members can be assigned to different projects, and their progress can be tracked. 


In today's competitive business environment, there is a technological solution for almost every type of job activity, all of which are designed to help you streamline your work and offer better outcomes for your company. Due to the rising interconnection of these customer tech stack tools through integrations and procedures, it is vital to invest in what will work for your team rather than in the latest technological innovation.

However, while it may take some experimentation to develop the ideal sales technology stack, the process can help you perfect your sales approach and invest in the resources that will enable your team to close more deals.


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