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Krishna Srinivas V

Krishna Srinivas V

Export Pipedrive Data to Google Sheets using these 4 Simple Tools

Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRMs for SMBs to manage records in a single seamless platform. 

While a CRM does a great job of organizing your leads and contacts, it falls short when it comes to analyzing the data and crunching those numbers in the team meetings.

That’s why we count on Spreadsheets to get the job done, when it comes to data analysis. 

If you are a Pipedrive user and wondering how to smoothly export your Pipedrive data into spreadsheets for data analysis, here are 4 easy ways to do that:


Pricing: Basic Free plan available, paid plans start at $19.99/mo

Our first pick on the list is Zapier, the most popular SaaS tool to sync data between two applications. Zapier is incredibly easy to set up and integrates with over 1500 apps.

Using Zapier, you can create ‘Zaps’ that triggers an action whenever a particular condition is met.

‍For example, you can set up a Zap to create a new record in Google Sheets whenever a new contact is created in Pipedrive - every time the condition is met, a zap is automatically triggered and you can find the new contact being pulled in to Google Sheets automatically.

Useful links: Zapier-Pipedrive integration.


Pricing: Basic Free plan available, paid plans start at $49.00/mo

Automate.io is an alternative to Zapier and integrates with 100+ apps including Pipedrive.

If your use-cases are simple, Automate.io is a great option with a seamless UI that is a little easier to navigate around compared with Zapier.

Useful links: Automate.io - Pipedrive integration


Pricing: Basic free plan available, paid plans start at $9.95/mo‍

Type: API Connector

MixedDataAnalytics is an API connector specifically built to pull in data from applications like Pipedrive, Stripe, into Google Sheets for easy data analysis.

Unlike apps like Zapier, Automate.io, API connectors have a slightly complex workflow and likely require a developer’s help to set up and pull the data required.

Useful Links: MixedAnalytics-Pipedrive integration


Pricing: Basic free plan available, paid plans start at $9.00/mo‍

Integromat is a data transfer tool that helps to create automated workflows across multiple applications.  

You can automate a wide-range of manual tasks such as “Update a row in Google Sheets when an email is sent”, “Send a Slack message when a Tweet is published” and so on.

The app offers a fantastic UI that makes the process of setting up these automations super smooth.

Here are a few of the Triggers and Actions available with their Pipedrive integration:


  • New Activity Event: Triggers when a new activity is added, updated or deleted.
  • New Deal Event: Triggers when a new deal is added, updated or deleted.
  • New Note Event: Triggers when a new note is added, updated or deleted.


  • Add a Row: Appends a new row to the bottom of the table.
  • Add a Sheet: Adds a new sheet.
  • Clear a Cell: Clears a specific cell.

To learn more about the Pipedrive integration, click here.


If you are looking to easily import Pipedrive data into Google Sheets, you can use any of the 4 applications.

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