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No-coding dashboard

Dataflo offers a no-coding Mailchimp dashboard with a user-friendly interface. With that, you can save hours of time and effort that would have gone into the setup process and focus on other essential tasks.

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Favorite dashboard

Dataflo's Favorite dashboard streamlines data analysis by displaying metrics from multiple tools in one place. Identify trends and track performance quickly without switching data sources.

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Stay on top of your data and collaborate more effectively with your team by using the comment threads inside Mailchimp’s metric cards in Dataflo. By using it, you can proactively identify trends and collaborate with your team.

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OKR settings

Track progress of your Mailchimp metrics and KPIs against their targets in real-time by setting goals and assigning ownership to each team member. Dataflo fosters accountability and collaboration.

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Transform your data into insights with Dataflo Dashboard

Using a dashboard like this, you can see real-time data about your Mailchimp, helping you make data-driven decisions and achieve your goals.

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Dataflo lets you integrate Mailchimp dashboard with different data sources and provides a single holistic view

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